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3 Man Cave Concepts For Comic Fans


3 Man Cave Concepts For Comic Fans

Comic fans collect such a huge range of products (far more diverse than any other kind of collector I can think of) that they totally deserve to dedicate an entire room just to keep it all in order. Comic collectors have an eye for a huge range of collectibles, probably even more so than with most hobbies. Think about it, the average comic collector might be into traditional comics, square bound graphic novels and trade paperbacks, deluxe edition hard covers, statues, statuettes, action figures, lunch boxes, trading cards, big robot toys, manga wall scrolls, movie replicas (like light sabers and fantasy swords) and ninja weapons to name only a few. The purpose of a comic themed Man Cave should be to store your collection and to display your favorite and/or best stuff. Read on below for three killer concepts for comic themed Man Caves.

Store Your Collection

All comic collectors worth their weight in long boxes know that proper shelving is a necessity when you have a large collection. Cardboard storage boxes don’t last forever, either (especially when they’re stacked up on top of each other). Unfortunately, nobody makes shelves specifically for the standard long boxes, but you can find a few options if you decide to go with half-size boxes. Any shelving unit that’s about 2 feet deep and has about 16 inches of shelf clearance should do nicely at holding the half-size boxes. Another great feature of storing your comics on shelves and in half boxes is that you can use the tops of the shelves to display your best stuff.

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Display Your Collection

A big part of your comic themed Man Cave should be focused on displaying your favorite collectibles for all the world (or at least your guests) to see. As I mentioned earlier, one great way to display your collectibles is to put them on top of your comic shelves, and that works well if you only have a few items of interest to put on display. If you have more than a “few” items to show off, you should look into glass shelved display cases (if you have kids running about the house, you can even find units with locks on them, too). Original art collectors should pick a spot on the wall that doesn’t get any direct sunlight for hanging their best pieces. A great idea for storing and displaying your graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and other square bound comics is to pick up a graphic novel spinner-rack. They can be pretty hard to find, but your local comic shop owner will probably be able to help you get one.

Enjoy Your Collection

Lastly, this is the most important thing to keep in mind when putting a comic themed Man Cave together: your Man Cave should make it even easier for you to enjoy your collection! This means you should definitely get a comfortable chair and make sure the lighting is sufficient for reading (and re-reading) comics and graphic novels. You should also consider investing in an HDTV, Blu Ray player and a good sound system (if you haven’t yet) for enjoying your favorite comic book movies in the best possible way.

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Man Caves come in all different flavors and I think the comic themed Man Cave is one of the coolest yet. I hope these basic concepts provide you with the underpinnings for your own comic themed Man Cave and inspire you to wrangle that collection and turn it into something even more awesome!