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3 Places To Find Rare Comics Today


3 Places To Find Rare Comics Today

When it comes to finding things to sell online or in stores, there are two traditional roads you can travel down. The first one being going straight to the source, and doing things legally, which requires a lot of paperwork. The hard way to do things is to start a legitimate store with all the papers that come along with it, and either get a storefront and compete with others, or start up something large online and hope that you can compete with the monster companies that are selling their wares. Then there is an alternative route, a way to get your hands on as many rare comic books out there as possible, without having to break the bank or dig through lots of different sources. Consider the following 3 places to find rare comics today as a checklist of places that will garner you serious finds for pleasure and profit.

The first stop on your quest for finding some seriously expensive books is to go to your local library. Now, before you scoff at the notion, you have to remember that your public library has a lot of warehouses in which they store lots of books for the purpose of selling them at steep discounts every now and again. If you play your cards right, and you befriend people there, you will be able to get your hands on slightly used paperbacks, hardcovers, and legitimate serial comic books that you might not know they had.

The second option you will have to look into is used bookstores. Used bookstores that buy and sell literary wares will always have a long stack of comics that will range from modern age to silver age and beyond. Sometimes there will be a smart bookstore employee that will show you where they keep their vintage copies of golden age options and will sell them to you at a low price.

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The last option will seem obvious to some, but not so obvious to others, and that’s a thrift store. They are also known as second hand stores, and they can have a wealth of comics at around a few cents each. In fact, some people have found hundred dollars comic books for a few bucks, and have gone on to sell big on the resell market.

The above are 3 places that will help you find rare pieces. You have to be willing to scroll through a lot of bad junk, and sometimes it will be less than mint condition, however, if you seek you will find, so keep looking.