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8 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Men


8 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Men

Tattoos have become the latest craze in the modern world, be it for fashion, self-expression or philosophical reasons, everyone seems to want to add one to their body. But it’s not necessary that what looks good on one person may look good on the other, also most tattoos have become gender specific. Men especially crave unique and creative ideas for their tattoos, so given below are some creative ideas catering specifically for male tattoos.

1. Fire Tattoos – Bold, colourful and meaningful. A flame can mean various things like transformation, passion, destruction and energy. Fire can be quite symbolic as well; smoke associated with fires during rituals and religious ceremonies was thought to take prayers to the Lord. Flame in the form of candles and torches may represent hope and vigil as well. Fire can also be taken to mean aggression and the power of destruction. The more colour you add to your flame tattoo, the more striking and artistic it will appear to be.

2. Nautical Star Tattoos – First associated with sailors alone, now you can add many more simple designs to the star to make it appear more visually pleasing. Hints of black, red, blue and grey can be added to this. It could be tattooed onto the forearm or wrist. Sailors seem to be associated with wild ways, if you feel like part of their culture or just wish to emulate them; this would be the ideal tattoo. It can be big or small and the best part is it will look good alone as well as in addition to other tattoos as well.

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3. Lover Name Tattoos – This is the ultimate symbol of your undying loyalty and love for your other half. It shows how much you are willing to put on the line by going through a painful tattoo process just to show not only yourself but everyone how devoted you are to her. There are many fonts available, choose the one you feel represents her best.

4. Scripts Tattoos – These are quite unique as the verses you think are most meaningful will not necessarily mean the same to the other person, hence less chances of it being copied. Whether it’s a quote from a famous person, or a verse from a religious book, it’s a cool way to ink.

5. Zombie Stitches Wrist Tattoos – These are not macabre but depict a good sense of humour, they can look quite real if done well with hints of sickly green to complete the look.

6. Celtic Cross Tattoos – Not only meant for the deeply religious, they look quite funky and masculine as well.

7. Comic Book Inspired Sleeve Tattoos – Old fashioned comic book style art looks really cool as full sleeves tattoos. They are colourful and don’t necessarily give a bad impression to people if visible.

8. Barcode Tattoos – Very unique, usually tattooed onto the nape.