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Anime and Adults

OK come on admit it you love to sit on Saturday morning in the living room and watch the cartoons that come on all day with your kids or younger family members. The cartoons were great when we were younger and some of them still are. However, the cartoon(s), have started to look much different from what most of us remember as children.

Anime has become the cartoon Anime- in another language is the short term of animation. Computer produced or generated graphics these anime videos have a real look to them and can quickly get you hooked. Anime is, targeted to all age levels there are the anime videos for the little kids and the anime videos that are full lengths moves for the adults.

Anime technology is expensive the types of computers and the programs that are used to produce these videos is costly. Then the people to actually make and put the videos together have to go to school to learn each level and process to make the anime characters from a blank screen.

Anime movies or videos can take several months to a year or longer to make depending upon some of these factors. The length the movie or the video is supposed to be. How many characters are to be in the movie or the video? If there are more than a few characters then the movie or video will take much longer as each of the characters has to have and reflect his, her, or its own moods and movements through the movie or video.

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What is the story line or the purpose of the movie? How much scenery will be required is the movie or video in the country or in the city where the story line takes place.

Once all of these factors have been, planned each member of the anime movie or video knows what part of the movie he or she will be working on. The creators begin developing each scene and each character then the creator begins to bring the characters to life.

When the creators finish each individual part of the anime movie or video then all the parts and pieces are, combined to make the entire movie or full-length video.

Once the audience sees the finished video it is hard to believe that it all began with a blank screen, some ones imagination, a lot of hard work and long hours.