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Anime North Is Canada’s Premiere Anime Convention


Anime North Is Canada’s Premiere Anime Convention

Many otaku flock to Toronto, Canada every spring in order to participate in Anime North, a convention which caters to many different subcultures such as steampunk, gaming, and- of course- anime.

Anime North is the largest and most prestigious fan run Anime convention in all of Canada, and possibly the whole of North America as well. Typically held in May, the 2011 Anime North convention will be held the weekend of May 27th through the 29th. Hotel information for the 2011 convention will be available sometime soon, and official pre-registration will open to convention goers in early January 2011.

Anime North has many attractions for anyone who enjoys Anime, Steampunk, and other geek subcultures: lots of Anime viewing rooms; a dealer’s room filled with videos, comics, games, and other merchandise; an incredible and impressive array of cosplayers, including regular costume contests and genre fashion shows (such as Steampunk and Geisha fashion); and a wide variety of honored guests that range from famous roleplaying game authors to Japanese professional wrestlers.

Canadian fans of popular Anime such as Naruto Shippenden, Pokemon and Digimon, Full Metal Alchemist, and Yu-Gi-Oh! can find and connect with other fans of their favorite Anime, as well as buy merchandise and licensed products that are otherwise difficult to find in person.

Unlike many fandom conventions around the world, Anime North is specifically not for profit, instead run by fans in order to provide a valuable and fun service to Canadians (and international convention goers) who want a fun convention tailored specifically to their desires and needs. The convention staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the best experience for everyone involved.

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Registration fees for the 2011 convention are $55 CDN for a weekend pass, $35 CDN for a Friday pass, $40 CDN for a Saturday pass, and $35 CDN for a Sunday pass.