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Art Deco Wedding Invitations Design

art deco wedding invitations

Wedding is one of the most awaited moments for everyone. Invitation is one of the preparations that you need to think about. You can take a look for some art deco wedding invitations design for the inspiration.

For your wedding preparation, you need to think about your wedding invitations design some months before the day. It is important because it will inform the people you want to invite about the time, place and theme of the reception.

There are a lot of wedding design options that you can find whether it’s shape, color, or various other considerations. Art deco wedding invitations is a good choice for you because it have unique look and shape. That is why you need to take a look at the designs of art deco wedding invitations below.

Modern Black and Gold

The first art deco wedding invitations design is modern black and gold. This design is suitable for you who do not like too many ornaments on your wedding invitation. The combination of black and gold will make your invitation becomes more elegant.

Modern Calligraphy Wedding

The second art deco wedding invitations design is modern calligraphy wedding. Your wedding information will be printed using modern calligraphy.  It will give vintage look to your invitation. You can add some marriage quotations on your invitation. It will totally give a perfect look.

Vintage Victorian Wedding

The third art deco wedding invitations design is vintage Victorian wedding.  If you want to have a vintage wedding invitation, you can choose this design. It will give you an exclusive look like wedding invitation in the kingdom. You can add satin ribbon for more exclusive.

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Botanical Calligraphy Wedding

The fourth art deco wedding invitations is botanical calligraphy wedding.  There will be the illustrations of roses, leaves and buds pair beautifully with modern calligraphy on your wedding invitation. Make it sweeter with a good combination of colors.

Concert or General Admission Ticket

The last design of art deco wedding invitations is concert or general admission ticket. This last design is suitable for those who want unique wedding invitation. It will make your wedding invitation becomes more interesting.