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Boys on Halloween and Batman Costumes


Boys on Halloween and Batman Costumes

October 31st and all the bewitching power that surrounds this ghoulish night is now close upon us and if you are the parent of a young boy who is getting excited about going out trick or treating with friends or family, then the choice of Halloween costume is a very important one.

Girls enjoy dressing up as witches, carrying a broomstick, the family cat and wearing a pointed hat, but the boys… what do they enjoy wearing?

There are a number of different characters and ghostly types to choose from including the faithful zombie, Frankenstein or a terrifying ghost. However, none of the above have the heroic appeal of Batman and the best thing about Batman is that he has been recreated in a number of different ways by a number of different writers, artists and directors.

For example, you could choose to create a Batman costume for your young son that takes influence from the 1960s TV show with Adam West and Burt Ward who played his side-kick, Robin.

In this interpretation, Batman wore a blue/grey suit, with complementary boots and cape. His famous belt featured the famous Batman symbol on the buckle in a mixture of yellow and black and his mask was fairly comic in some ways, with small pointy bat-type ears in a black leather material.

If this doesn’t appeal, then the darker interpretations of Batman by director Tim Burton might perhaps engage the attention of the excitable superhero wannabe. If going for the Burton Batman costume design then you’ll be looking for a costume that is completely made from black material and the heavier looking the material, the better.

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Batman in the Burton films was very dark and mysterious. He was not a comic character in the same way that the earlier TV version of the superhero was depicted to be in any way, shape or form. This Batman should be a morose-looking figure, with a deep, dark side that he hides from the world and depending on the likes and dislikes of your child, Burton’s depiction of Batman might just be the ticket for a successful night of Halloween horror on the streets of your home town.

One more final option for a Batman costume design during this Halloween lies the investigation of the DC Comic version of Batman which inspired in different ways the two versions of Batman already alluded to above. The DC Comic version of Batman is in some ways a 50 – 50 split between the TV series depiction and that of the Burton interpretation.

The DC Comic Book figure is dressed to look like the TV Batman character, including the pants over the top of the tights, the yellow and black belt and the bluey-grey colour scheme accompanying the whole.

However, the DC Comic Book figure is also far more menacing and frightening than the TV character and therefore shares many personality traits and characteristics with the Burton figure from the movies. The DC Comic Book Batman figure is not humourous in any way. He is bold, strong and would be more than capable of fighting off the ghouls that he encountered on a night out trick or treating for Halloween.

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So all that is left to do is to decide which style of Batman costume you think your little boy might like to dress up in for Halloween this year. Once that decision is made you really only have two more options… make the costume yourself using images and drawings as inspiration or buy a Batman costume from a reputable Halloween costume company.

The choice is yours!