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Characteristic of Vintage Photography to Identify

Vintage Photography

Even though the times have changed, vintage style photography is still preferable by many people. Moreover, it’s supported by social media that provides a place for anyone to share photos. Finding vintage photography is way easier than before. You just need to go to some popular social media like Flickr. You might be familiar with the characteristic of vintage photography. But for those who are still difficult to identify the parts of vintage style, you can find them out below.

The Monochrome Colour

Let’s get started it from the colours first. This is what people commonly realize about the vintage style of images. Yeah, it’s true that black and white can create an old school picture. But these colours are actually art form in themselves. However, if you want to get timeless feel in your photography, you can eliminate all colours. Just choose the best setting, make it into monochrome and dang, it looks like an old one.

Blurry Types of Photos

What’s next can describe vintage photography is, it has blurry types of photos. Unlike the modern photography that is very sharp, vintage photography created less sharp with less detail. So, it can be said creating old look of photos become easier. You only need to use a strategy which is reducing sharpness and add a little blur. Focus on something else than the intended subject then you can try motion blur.  This absolutely will create a perfect vintage photography.

The Use of Old Objects

After discussing the vintage photography from its techniques, we move on to the next aspect. We can surely identify if the picture is vintage or not from the object. As we know that there are old stuffs like furniture, typewriter, and compasses to make an old atmosphere. You can bring everyone back to the old days by adding those kind of objects.

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Distinctive Motif

Besides old objects, you can identify the vintage style from the distinctive motif. We can take a look at many years ago. The use of motif like floral, birds, leaves, and abstract were so real. But apparently this time it has reappeared as a trend. Whether it’s outfit, furniture, and others, they have repetitive style. They may look very full but the fact it becomes its own trademark.

Grain Filter

Last but not least, grain filter also can create vintage look. For those who are familiar with the editing apps, you should know this one. Even it’s also available at social media focuses on pictures like Instagram or VSCO. Grain becomes most prominent features of vintage style. This is the easiest way you can try in editing process. Play grain as good as you can on photos

As the time goes by, we realize that bringing anything old to these days is way easier. We don’t need to use an analog camera for this. Using digital camera also create vintage photography without reducing its essence. So, are you one of those who still prefer to use old cameras or filters in creating old look?