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Easy Wedding Art Ideas Made From Papers

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Marriage does require more funds to be prepared. However, if you want to be more creative, you can create your own wedding art using economical material like papers. It will become something valuable if you can recycle them smartly. Objectify your brilliant ideas to create a wedding art that will make everyone who comes to your party amazed. Are you ready to start it? You can see some easy wedding art ideas from papers below.

Wall Hanging Decoration

Generally, there are many ornate decorations in the wedding party. They become very good spot for the bride and guests who come to capture the moment. You can get inspiration of the wedding art from the others wedding you attend. Then it comes to you to make an innovation using papers. Chose colorful or focus on specific colors to make wall hanging decoration. After that, cut them into square and combine them with yarn. Make sure that the yarn is thick enough to hang it on the wall. You can make them look more unique by writing it with anything relate to your wedding or by putting the other papers to make alphabet.

Paper Flowers for Centerpieces

Flowers become the next wedding art idea that you can made from papers. It may looks so simple but making flowers from papers will not reduce the beauty of the flowers. Prepare some papers that are easy to form like tissue papers. After that, make a stalk using a wire and cover it with the green or brown color. You can put the paper flowers on the centerpieces to attract all people who come or even they do not aware if the flowers are made from papers.

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Pop-Up Wedding Invitation

Pop-up wedding invitation is the next level of creativity. It is more difficult to make than the previous wedding arts. You have to do more effort to make a very unique pop up wedding invitation. It needs the help of computer or your laptop to write the wedding information or print any shapes to make your wedding art looks more interesting. Use your imagination to create a good 3D wedding invitation that is more valuable than the wedding invitation in general.