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Painting For the Love of Nature


Painting For the Love of Nature

In our busy, workaday world, who does not pause for a moment and yearn for the peace and serenity of Nature? We derive great pleasure from Nature’s ever-changing quality, from our first impressions of the natural world by seeing our mothers cultivate a garden and choose foodstuffs which are in season to our own observations of the growth of a kitten or puppy that someone gives to us. Nature paintings bring all these memories back to treasured life, and when we mature enough to have our own home, we wish to have a nature painting to remind us of those precious memories. Nature painting takes on even more allure if we life in an apartment, separate for a great part of the day from Nature. It is no wonder why apartment dwellers often fix their attentions on house plants and small pets, because our inner desires come to the fore when we visit a nursery or pet shop. We want Nature, and we can purchase it in the form of art which uplifts our souls.

Yes, we say, but what form do we want our nature paintings to take? A ‘painting’ may be done on a slab of slate, a piece of gnarled driftwood, a mirrored ball, and these are all appealing in their own way, but the traditional painting on canvas uses the least amount of space because of its adherence to our plain walls. Walls deserve some decor, too! So we trim our criteria and choose a painting on canvas. Where to start? First, decide which color scheme you wish to complement, the sunny yellow of a kitchen or the cool tones of a bedroom. You may find that a subject is suggested by the color itself: a study trimmed with orange draperies and throw pillows will find a natural affinity in the colors of autumn: rust, gold, umber. The aforementioned sunny kitchen will be enhanced by the tones of green foliage or flower hues, such as pink or red. A room with the cooler ends of the spectrum will benefit from a complementary touch of purple or even indigo, deepening the interest.

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The next question may be, what size do we want our nature painting? Is the room comfortable with a wall-spanning triple design, that is, a painter’s vision of a panoramic forest, separated into three framed pieces? That would do a living room proud, yet the same formula cannot be applied to a small hallway or a room of smaller dimensions. The panoramic approach needs the proper space to back up and visualize it thoroughly. No, for a smaller area, a miniature nature painting, perhaps one of a single daisy in a simple green field, fills the bill. It may have an elaborate filigree frame to give it interest, but the artwork itself ought to be small.

A nature painting for your home will enhance your appreciation of the outdoor setting and make you even more eager to experience it again. Take care in choosing your nature painting, as it will become a true statement of your sensibilities and uplift the culture of your home.