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Romeo X Juliet – Another Great TV Anime Series


Romeo X Juliet – Another Great TV Anime Series

Romeo X Juliet is the right collection for anybody who enjoys a romantic yarn with swords and star-crossed lovers. It is a beautiful respite from flying limbs and explosions. As long as there are not any expectations of an animated model of the unique, all will be well. By itself, this retelling is partaking, with its fascinating characters, and utterly satisfying. The paintings and animation are properly done and very simple on the eyes. Nothing notably stands out as wonderful or eye-catching, exactly, but the total effect is pretty. The characters designs are attractive. The action is smooth and looks good. The visuals are slick and commonplace and definitely nothing to complain about.

Historical past is molded by the victor, and for the past fourteen years the Montagues have dishonored the Capulet name. The Montague household has dominated Neo Verona with an iron fist because the day it wrested management of town from the Capulets. Any remaining supporters of the previous ruling household would do greatest to stay hidden. However, when Romeo, heir to the Montague family, meets Juliet at a celebration, the whole lot he has discovered is introduced into question. With a masked Robin Hood-esque determine stirring up dissent among the many plenty and Romeo rethinking his father’s authority, it may be time for the remaining Capulets to reassert themselves and take what’s rightfully theirs. Romeo and Juliet must determine where their loyalties lie and if their love is worth the price both will certainly need to pay.

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One thing that doesn’t change is the connection between Romeo and Juliet. It is superbly offered with all of the tender sweetness and innocence and uncertainty of first love. Romeo is akin to that doe-eyed puppy within the pet shop window. It’s onerous not to want to take him home. Juliet carries the burden of family secrets and techniques and simply wants to be normal. Each are anticipated to uphold their loyalty to their household, and both have other concepts regarding these expectations.

Romeo X Juliet presents a thin veneer of Shakespeare layered over revolution, political intrigue, and a few strong hints at fantasy elements. There are similarities between the original and this model, however the circumstances surrounding the feud between the two families and the presence of Shakespeare himself as a playwright forever looking out for a good story give this series a considerably different flavor. It is a good taste, though, and retains much of the strain and heartache of the original. The anime is like a riff on the play, but an interesting story in its personal right.

This particular vision of Romeo and Juliet’s story is not quite what the Bard put to paper again within the day, however it is a sweet and interesting alternate telling. Anything involving winged horse-dragon hybrids can be anticipated to be a bit non-traditional, and Romeo X Juliet is just that. In a sense. Nonetheless, given the themes of deceit, gender-bending, and real love that run via Shakespeare’s performs, perhaps the series isn’t as far off as it might sound at first glance.

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