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Simple Art Photography Ideas to Try at Home

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Getting a good picture does require special skills in the process of shooting. It is because photography is not about taking pictures only but it also relates to art. It is quite difficult to realize a good art photography because it needs trick and techniques in shooting. For people who take photography courses maybe already familiar with the art photography. It is easier for them in realizing a good art photography. But this is different with newbie who do not know yet about the techniques to do. If you are newbie, you do not have to be worry because you still can learn it by self-taught. There are some simple art photography ideas below that you can try at home.

Unique Food Photography

You do not have to be in outdoor places like forest or beach to create an art photography. You still can utilize simple things at your home to realize it. Use food as your photography object is a good idea to try. You can add unique composition such as putting figures of people on the food picture you take. Then you can adjust it with the distance between food to reflect a meaning of the image.

Kitchen Close Ups

Besides food, you also can use your kitchen set as the object of your art photography. For the kitchen set, you can use close ups technique in shooting. Find the right angle in taking picture of the kitchen set you want to use. Then pay attention to the background you want to take. You can combine it with your kitchen wall color or kitchen table. Besides, you also can put food on your kitchen set and shoot it with the same close ups technique.

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Sunlight Reflection

If you like the more aesthetic art photography, you can try to take a pic with sunlight reflection. You can take pictures with human or scenery objects around your home when the sun rises. Decide which focus you want to show in getting your picture becomes more artsy.

Night Sky Landscape

The next photography you need to try is night sky landscape. It must be beautiful to see the sky in the night. It is good if you use this scenery as your art photography object. Start it with shooting the night sky in the landscape angle and focusing on the stars. If you are still not satisfied with the result, you can add a dramatic impression of the image by using Photoshop.