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Simple Guides for Fine Art Wedding Photography

fine art wedding photography

Having a perfect wedding photography is a must. It is because it becomes a memory of your wedding event that you can see in the future to remember. There are many styles of wedding photography that you can choose. But the most popular is fine art wedding photography. You can choose this style if you want a perfect wedding documentary. There are some techniques from the photographer in planning the best fine art wedding photography. But it does not always need complicated techniques to do. You still can have a perfect fine art wedding photograph with simple techniques. If you want to try this style for your wedding, you can look at the simple guides below.

Decide the Perfect Location

Setting is the most important element in planning your fine art wedding photography. You must choose a perfect location which the most suitable in realizing this photography style on your wedding. You have to decide indoor or outdoor setting first then choose one of some places which is perfect for your wedding decoration. If you want indoor setting for your wedding, you can choose a building with unique architecture. While if you want outdoor setting, you can choose location with beautiful scenery such as barn or park.

Set the Decoration with Theme

The next thing you need to think about in realizing fine art wedding photography is set the decoration with theme. Decoration determines your photography is interesting or not. That is why you need to set the decoration according to the theme you want. Choose a unique theme for your wedding then realize it on the decoration.

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Choose Wedding Dress

Dress is also important to get the best fine art wedding photography. For the bride, you can choose gown or simple dress for your wedding day. You do not have to choose white dress because other soft colors like pink, baby blue, peach, or lavender also can make you look gorgeous. For the groom, you can wear a simple suit that matches with the color of the bride’s gown or you also can wear different colors such as black or navy.

Take the Best Pose and Angle

The last step for you to do in getting the best fine art photograph is take the best pose and angle. You can capture every single moment on your wedding day with artsy photography. Choose the most suitable background and then take the best pose and angle from both bride and the groom. Utilizing the setting and the decoration is very useful in getting the best result of photography for your wedding day.